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Uphill Battle

by Uphill Battle

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California's Uphill Battle storms heavy music's elite on their self-titled Relapse debut. Combining Discordance Axis' harsh take on grindcore, Marduk's speed and severity, and a vicious hardcore sense of tension akin to Converge, Uphill Battle's hectic riffing, strafing percussive assault and tortured vocals bleed conviction. Uphill Battle is one of the scene's brightest hopefuls.


released May 28, 2002

Relapse Records



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Uphill Battle Santa Barbara, California

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Track Name: Next On the Misery List
Knocking at the door,
built to keep you out
Don't turn on the lights,
because I can see fine
I'll find my own way,
without your guidance
Roses that you brought,
smell like death to me

Smashing the windows to let your fresh air in,
I'm on the floor gagging myself,
to rid myself of anything you've said to me

I'm on my own path so don't try and change me
Skinning myself where you have touched me
A misery list of billions of people lost and gone
And you still try and inflict your beliefs upon me
I've heard this all before
and it's not going to change me
I've heard all this before,
with all it's contradictions
Track Name: Bleeding Morals
Today is only temporary,
but tomorrow will be the same
I must force open my eyes
to see the light at the end of the tunnel
But the light has its way
of sliding farther away
I just joined the walking dead,
just to walk this vicious circle
Everyday retracing my steps,
everyday erodes my soul

Setting the metronome just below tolerance
They beat the drum and we walk in place

Burning these rags to keep me warm
Leaving me naked and cold
While the world spins faster
Leaving me farther behind,
trying to keep up
Keeping contentment, just out of reach
How could you want anything more?

Joining the walking dead...
I must force open my eyes
to see the withering light
Track Name: The Stench Is Spreading
Crumbled dreams sinking through the floor
Falling through the cracks,
dead rats are what we are
Treading water in an ocean of blood
Waiting, praying for this course to take its turn
And the stench is spreading

Sacrificing so much,
only to be constricted in the end
My dreams are floating farther away,
as I slide back into my reflections
I feel the walls closing in,
my body ruptures under the pressure
Painting the walls dark red

What is happening?
Destroying more than building
Fighting a battle that we refuse to retreat
We're not giving up
It's happening again

I just want it to be easy for you
and me to be happy without lowering standards
Track Name: Ripped Off Face
A familiar backdrop falls
Over your blinded eyes
Like a wrecking ball
The repetition increases
While our life moves on
You march on
Synchronized with the machine
That uses you like fuel
To move closer and closer
We're caught like a lobster
No way out now but back
The bait has been taken
Our fate is chosen
My face is ripped off, we've already lost
So salute the new god of greed

Father's blood running down your face
means nothing to you
Now we are farther apart
than we've ever been
I hold your heart in my hand as you burn me
I hold your heart in my hand
as I sink in your waste
Down to your heavenly hell, now you own me
Drown in your heavenly hell
Sinking dead weight
Afraid to see what's happening
right in front of your face
It's already hit home
It's already too late,
embrace the demons with a new faith
The choices are already pre-chosen,
now play out the rule of your lust
Walk with the rest
I found my RIPPED OFF FACE under your blind eyes
As darkness carry on over your blind eyes
Track Name: Forked Tongue
We are all so sick, craving never stops,
it's so disgusting...
We've learned to accept,
we've learned to achieve
we've learned to inflict,
this level of greed
Impressions left so deep,
far deeper than bone
Cut pathologically where you cannot see
(but you)
don't even notice, consumed by desire
Bloodlust divine, forever instilled

The coldest shadow of apathy has salted the earth
The coldest hand of apathy is tearing out
the last sliver of hope
There's a new price on life
Hand clasped around your broken neck,
still strangling
while you're just trying to breathe
Just one more breath of the precious air
but you can't realize the horrible truth

Trust betrayed again, there's a new price on life
Kick me when I'm down, kick me when I'm down
Track Name: Memory
It was so beautiful
Seeing through such innocent eyes
It was us against them
The pain was so alive
Somewhere along the way I woke up
in a puddle of blood
Not being able to draw a straight line
between these two points
Biting into my arm

Drinking blood of another kind
To keep myself alive
Clipped wings can only take me so far
Now that I'm mortal
What have I become
Another memory left behind

I let my shadow corner me
Grasping for a breath of sweet air
Like a fish out of water
A million miles for the sea
It seemed so important at the time
But the ice melted when the heat turned on
Another memory left behind
Track Name: Climate Control
The finger on the trigger could have slipped
Nothing more than a simple mistake
Nobody's listening to the invalidation of your solo
I heard your insides hit the floor,
but I could not see the blood
Gazing down just to find a face looking back
Staring at the sky every night,
trying to count the stars
I've been down curved paths and woven hearts
And I've seen a house on the edge of the world
Witness to the tears while the angels sang
The final lullaby to the broken hearted
Walked away with nothing but myself
I've slept in puddles deeper than you
All I can honestly say is the air never felt so good
All you can hear is what you perceive
Found myself behind the shadows of a doubt
But I never expected any validation
Walked away with nothing but myself
Caught up in the moment of this total apprehension
Searching for some solid ground
To put to rest these trembling thoughts
That reflect the angel's song
Track Name: Old
Responsibility sets in like the jaws of a snare
Digging deep into my flesh
Wrapped around my bones
Serving as a ball and chain forever

I'm so far-flung but still have the will to move on
Passing all the things you gave up and left behind
The shoe still fits but the laces are broken
And the sole is getting thin
from stepping twice as fast
But I'm still in the same place I was before I entered
This garden of grace last one to get off
this bus to nowhere

I've never felt so cold,
the frost bite has killed part of me
Slowly shaving the skin off my back
With a dull razor called desire
Waiting for freedom
The weight of freedom drops in
Track Name: Playing Dead
Shoot me to the ground,
then skin me alive
Wear me so proudly after you mocked me
I still have the scar where you cut me
Don't act like something's changed between us
(because it hasn't)
I have not forgotten that your neck
should be broken from the whiplash
when you hit the stop sign
Get down on your knees
Now that you're behind me
Roll over, play dead, and die...