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Wreck of Nerves

by Uphill Battle

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Uphill Battle advance the ever-changing face of hardcore with an atomic vigor on their new full-length, Wreck of Nerves. Fusing a triple vocal attack, sharp-edged guitar interplay, fleeting melody and uncanny intensity, Uphill Battle achieving catharsis through dissonance, striking with a deadly potency.


released February 24, 2004

Relapse Records



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Uphill Battle Santa Barbara, California

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Track Name: Self Inflicted
Stepping into the future
I perpetuate destruction
Transmitting and laying waste, scathing
I can't refrain, numbed by pleasure
I can't refrain
I can't refrain
I can't refrain
I can't refrain

I dig my own grave
Optimism crushed
Self-hatred instilled
Unbreakable cycle
I am swallowed
guilt and pain have compromised this bomb
in my stomach
seeking solace consisting of turmoil
Track Name: Tear Everything Down
Dulling senses blurred boundaries of what's become
unsurpassed consumption
I will not accept vacant apologies
I will not accept that you are that naive
My hope lost under your greedy smile
My hope lost for your self control

Twisting truth as you see fit
Trusting lies for your agenda
Misapplied truth bleeding dry bottomless well
unable to see logistical bewilderment

I will not invest into your delusion
When your gluttony is made so easy
Can't distinguish between the want and the need
Today's wants become tomorrow's needs
Track Name: Lingering Existence
Reaching out to find no one there
Hope fades with each passing day
As it grows clear you can see
what's not there to see
Body is failing but the mind still stays the same
Numbing sickness doesn't cure the pain
Looking back into your reflection
Your regrets passing out of sight
Alone staring down, years pass by
wishing back the memories
forgotten cast aside, time stands still
When everything past has changed
Reaching out to find nothing there,
hope fades with each passing day
As it grows clear you can see
What's not there to see
...time lingers on
puzzle left unfinished
everything you have achieved
has been rendered meaningless
Track Name: Another Step
I can't make this square into a circle
but it's all I have left to do
so I will keep blindly trying
refusing to realize
that this could all be a waste of time

Pinned down by my stubbornness to change
Ego guarding the conversion
of the path to make my compromise
Hoping someday we will see clearly
through the shallows and into our dreams
Past the past,
side by side
into our own sanctuary

Could I still be someone better
to look at myself from a different angle?
To see what lies behind me
to know whose inside me
Collision of two stars
I remember walking home at night
Walking through a field feeling desperately homeless
Those days are past and I'm glad they're past
But reflections are so important
I recall arriving home on a stormy night,
standing on a bridge watching the water overflow
that washed away the step behind me

A swamp has taken up residency
over my old sanctuary
Now we're staring blindly
from the top of the stairs
Waiting for the moment when it shall end
And when it ends we'll still be staring
but ready to take another step
Track Name: Wreck of Nerves
Fought so hard to gain this ground
And still have further yet to crawl
Over such barren land
Horizon slipping out of sight
I will refuse to forsake
When I am this close
I will make the sacrifice

Never straying from this course
I can't find serenity in this eternity
The nerves of my hand are exposed
Watching the blood dry so patiently
I'm left here to wait on my knees
With this burden that is consuming me
Infection setting
Suppressing pain
Part of the sacrifice
Never straying from the course
I walk with my head bowed

Tracking each step as if it were the final
Clinging so tight to this life line
The slack tied around my neck
Track Name: Shifting Pain
Craving the disease
cutting off your thumbs
will just shift the pain
Constant haunting hunger has tied itself to you
Biding my time against your self-determination
Tempted the snake, now venom has cursed your veins
I could reach out but our hands wouldn't meet
I could throw a rope but your eyes wouldn't see
I must expect that you might not be around
I must realize your life's melting to the ground
I must come to terms with what I must do
is detach myself from you
Detach myself from you rummaging for the will power
to reconstruct the scourged lie you now live
severing the ties
You despising what you are

I despise what you mean to me

Craving the disease
Cutting off your thumbs
won't cure your starvation
I tremble as I speak,
despised what you mean to me
I guess I am naive to think
I could convince discipline
I now know your change must come from within...
Track Name: Thresh Hold
An abundance of emotion,
mental disarray
on the edge of sanity
stagnant state of living,
devoid of all hope
Stale surroundings suffocate everything in my path
of self-destruction and denial,
incentives fall into place,
stumbling for fresh air, aspirations exceeding
as conflicting desires subconsciously float in thought
prospects in reach but willpower crushed by a force
that manifests itself through internal wounds
painstaking repetition fuels tomorrow's revolution
desperate for change from self-satisfied mind
resolved state of living, resurrecting hope
my lungs breathe again, ready to repeat my path
Track Name: Breaking Down
Words of content minds said
inside these walls destined to faith
Locked within a realm, dead
Moving down the line as you fall
Twisted in knots to live all the loss
a structure of moral enslavement
To be of nothing is all too close
Another lingering dream
Persistence insistence existence of silence
Kept safe within the confines of traditions
Instill your shame with deceitful intentions
Another trap is set, pulling strings in each step
Following death's door to the end
Follow to death, become an end
Follow to death
Becoming end...
Track Name: Cross Hatching
My shadow cut in half
I begged for closure from self-serving sacrifice
Neglected, I am left alone to bury the dead
I perched my heart on top of the grave
then I sat watching the ripples
pass by in silence

Self-reflection has gone too far
but you turned your back on me
My own resolution slowly unfolds
Twisting itself against me
Self-reliance has taken its toll
Reassuring faithlessness,
shadows grow deeper around my eyes
Mistaken resolution
Accommodations and offerings
In silence I saw the stillness pass by
Track Name: Still Born
Constructed to isolate
Conceived in the shadow of our disbelief
An overwhelming eyesore
Your vision of a leader is the portrait of a thief
Every breath of this mass is stifling
But hope keeps your eyes
on the broken path before you

Every stone overturned
yields no new progress
Two eyes in every direction
staring past each other
Towards a destination they will never meet
Our reasons our own yet they destroy us
Paralyzing the truth constructed to isolate
Growing our indifference
Wasting our every breath
Track Name: Conceptual Frame
Crystallized beliefs, ideas set in stone
frozen views overshadowed
Pre-packaged thoughts are easy to swallow
diversity dissolving
So we run away from imagination
Blind acceptance never finding truth
Skewed concepts, distorted views
Eating the first thing that falls in place

Falling through this conceptual frame
Fragments of reality separated from the whole
Reality graces the shoulder of the oblivious
But we're still caught in this web of confusion
Stuck on a boundless sea
of uncertainty confronting my apathy
Directionless, overwhelmed with thought
Time is strangling while trying to grasp
the understanding of my past mistakes